Best Beard Trimmer – Review of Top Models on Market in 2016

Best Beard Trimmer

For many centuries, the men ask daily, with or without a beard, how do I look more advantageous? If they appear before the large mirror in the morning, awakened their male vanity to life. Just as fashion is constantly changed in the past centuries, then also changed the fashion in terms of beard. Was it still popular with our ancestors, to let as many depend and to show what “man” has, so today is the beard trimmer test up to date in order to put the stubble in the right light.
The beard in the course of each era has had to let many things go through. Today the man is the beard after trimming. This desire can be worn with the beard trimmers, the latest generation of invoice. Time, then, to bring them again to the famous test. There they are, the top five in terms of best beard trimmers in market today.

The winner for Best Beard Trimmer in 2016 Is …

Philips beard trimmer 9290 32A Philips steals the famous show and urges sent to the front, but with good reason. Undisputed winner in this hunt for best beard trimmer is the Philips beard trimmer 9290/32.
What he now has what others do not have? What makes it unique and what raises him as the winner?
It is its technology, with which he can score. He is the first precision Bart Tyler world, the laser technology makes use of. Who precisely symmetrical results while trimming expected for this model is certainly the first choice. The Laser Guide provides the perfect result the beard trimming.
The available for the price of 80 $ Precision Bart Tyler may have recourse to a laser guide, which projects a red line. It could not go, because with this he shows the exact cutting line of the beard trimmer to. The retractable laser provides the perfect style.
It can point to a variety of cutting lengths. 17 adjustable cutting lengths bring the perfect result. Here, the precision remained at the fore.
Turning the zoom wheel clockwise beard trimmer makes it possible to realize the perfect length. It is rotated until the desired cutting length is displayed. If the beard comb away, a two-sided precision trimmer comes to light.
The precision Bart Tyler can be charged within an hour, so then 60 minutes cordless beard can be trimmed. The other technical parameters completely convince in this top model.
Thus, the cutting system is maintenance and oiling free and self-sharpening. In addition, the presented device is 100 percent washable. For complete delivery beard trimmer, beard comb and precision comb include as storage bag together with power supply / charger cable, brush, warranty card and manual.

Benefits, benefits, benefits …

Philips beard trimmer 9290/32 laser technology in the beard trimmer review there with all these advantages mentioned there to say? In short, the winner is just perfect and stylish. The laser guide, the world novelty par excellence, takes on the precise planning of the beard styling.
The Beard Trimmer 9000 scores with optimum handling, straight contours and symmetrical lines, so that an optimal result is within reach. It took the test beard trimmer also to the day – the perfect stubble is secured and that any day of the week.
The presented model promises longevity, and the two-year worldwide warranty is granted. When scheduled beard trimmer test were the “lords of creation” more than impressed. The 18-centimeter-long model weighing 188 grams left nothing to be desired, because the jury was unanimous – from glamorous about super quiet and super-precision, so the rating of the test winner.

The next, Beard trimmer BT Brown 7050

Beard trimmer BT Brown 7050But the second model, the BT Brown 7050, including precision trimmer and travel case, preferably the success. This beard and hair trimmer for the price of around 50 bucks is considered the easiest way, which leads to maximum precision. What did the jury said in this beard trimmer review ?

They also certify this model to be powerful and to allow styling without limits. Thoughtful design and precise technology to go with this beard trimmer is a successful symbiosis.
Perfect when styling the requested beard, but also ideal for cutting hair, ours is an all-rounder par excellence, because it still also offers a very comfortable cradle that is sought in vain in many a device. The second place on the podium is rightfully for Bt Brown 7050

The Third Place – Z6 Cruzer Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmer Z6 cruzerHappy Third place is Z6 cruzer hair and beard trimmer occupied by Brown in the Standard Edition. Also this device for the price of 50 $ is size. The integrated Click & Look feature ensures perfect length adjustment and this with only one finger movement.

12 different length settings can be spoiled for choice. Beard and hair are trimmed 1-20 mm. This Braun Z6 yet also has an integrated sliding precision trimmer, which exerts its function even with running beard attachment.

The powerful dual battery system provides the necessary power for all individual hair strengths. The simple cleaning is guaranteed by the full washability of this device.

This Braun Z6 shows what a great styling for hair and beard mean – it is “the” Styler for the perfect man. Its internal features promise a very powerful device, with the styling of beard and head hair is a real breeze.

And so it has both the elegant Beard as well as the well-kept 3-day beard a chance. The trimmer is unique in its slipperiness, so even places that are difficult to reach, are trimmed by Braun Z6 without problems. Compact and handy goes styling and trimming not because the jury at Beard Trimmer test was unanimous.

Almost on the podium …

Remington MB4030 beard trimmerBeard Trimmer Reviews – Remington MB4030 beard trimmer ContourDer unfortunately somewhat thankless fourth place goes undeservedly to the Remington MB4030 beard trimmer Contour for the price of just under 32 $. In this model, coated with advanced ceramic blade for perfect cutting performance, which is only to be classified as very professional makes.

This Remington beard trimmer delivers with his 3-day beard attachment comb and the micro-adjustment from 0.5 to 5.5 mm the perfect result in terms of convincing style. Also for various custom beard styles he has with his 9-step length adjustment for perfect results.
The integrated trimmer is recommended for the beard line, because with him is a precise trimming possible. Even oil end blades complete the Remington MB4030, therefore every little fine tuning possible without problems.
Use the titanium-coated and micro-toothed blade gets the beard his desired styling and the Quick Release BladeSystem ensures that blades can be quickly removed and a perfect and easy cleaning nothing stands in the way.
The beard trimmer review brought it to light – Remington MB4030 is thoroughly recommended. Just a great device with very good shaving!

The fifth place is still shining – BaByliss E709E W-tech hair and beard trimmer

BaByliss E709ELast but not least, there is also the fifth place the beard trimmer test. Now flowers with the BaByliss E709E W-tech hair and beard trimmer the blue wonder, its blue appearance makes it possible. This device for the price of about 22 $ offers pure innovation.
Its W-shaped and very powerful blade brings up to 25% higher cutting performance at the man. The Smart Adjusting used system ensures that the cutting length remains the same. This is also true when changes of inclination angle.
Two shear guides and precision shear guide for the perfect Bart are responsible for an optimal result. Also in this model the storage case included in the delivery.

The beard trimmer review I did went with this model in the fifth round, and to anticipate it again quickly, also top marks were awarded. BaByliss succeeded with the E709E W-tech hair and beard trimmer a model that combines 40 years of experience in the professional field in itself.
Eben Moderate average, consistent cutting height, proper beard styling and full flexibility are no foreign words, even more, here is lived experience clearly. The jury at the beard trimmer test certified this model an excellent result. This shaver is great and super! To ask?

All’s well that ends well

There it was, the ultimate search for beard trimmer . Again five very different models stood for election, which could all convince with precision. The jurors in this search for best beard trimmer could build their own picture and so independently make their choice.
All models passed the test with flying colors. There were small and important differences in the individual devices of different manufacturers, but it remained open questions. On the contrary, the review of these beard trimmers asked many questions which needed to answer.
Speaking of questions, even this was highly varied in the various models. In the fifth place, the BaByliss E709E W-tech, has been criticized that no shaving is possible during charging. Also the dismounting of the essays was the subject of the question with this device.
Namely, there is a little trick, which you have to help yourself. If both sides are compressed in the middle, the problem is settled. When mentioned model, there were also questions about the professional qualities.

Is this beard trimmer suitable for a hair salon or should the normal household get preference? In this case, it is an excellent beard and hair cutter which certainly has the potential to pro. This, very clean processed device, convinced, not least through its Smart Adjusting System.

But the beard trimmer review also brought a small flaw of this device to light. The functionality under the armpit leaves to be desired. If the article is not used, there are skin irritations and minor cuts. Here takes the presented device undergo rectification.

Questions, questions …

Similar to the device of BaByliss, there was to answer more interesting questions. So also the Remington MB4030 Contour trimmer was again subjected to a thorough inspection. It was when conducted beard trimmer test of interest whether this beard trimmer is also exclusively for body shaving?
This question can be answered only partially with a “yes”. With the articles, it is not possible to achieve a well-proportioned result, it lacks the constructional conditions.
If the attachments removed, although a uniform image is offered, but is lacking the safety parameters, there is considerable risk of injury. For a perfect body shaved there are certainly more suitable options. But cruzer even when Braun Z6 hair and beard trimmers were opened questions.
This was about a weak facial hair? What to do in such a case? Here a trimming of the beard every 2 or 3 days would be desirable. The beard trimmer review showed that these brown Z6 achieved respectable results even in low growth of beard. The test beard trimmer provides a welcome opportunity to answer questions specific precise every year.

… And on it goes!

Once there was the faint beard, which attracted attention, other times on the question in the room, whether is the model of Braun also for trimming longer hair ? In this case, trim element was referenced, not be a problem for even longer and thicker hair on the ultra sharp stainless steel. The question whether dry or wet hair can be trimmed, was answered by the beard trimmer review with a clear “yes”. Even the popular 3 day beard was the subject of discussion by this beard trimmer review.
Should he look very well maintained, the trimmer should already be daily endeavors. The issue of cleaning of the equipment was on the agenda. In the case of the Braun Z6 is a cleaning, which takes place under running water, is recommended. It is also often the case that someone makes a journey … In such a case does the travel bag which is supplied, good service. So packed, the model requires little space in luggage carried.

Even the brown BT 7050 can easily keep up

3-day beardBut the Brown BT 7050 beard and hair trimmer generated increased attention in this search for best beard trimmer. Here was of general interest, what makes him so special and unique? On the one made of silver premium look a lot of attention, on the other hand he has, as already mentioned, a very comfortable charging station that has achieved no other device.

This model also trimming prolonged or thicker hair is not problematic, since this device has a very sharp trim element which was of course made of stainless steel. With this device it is possible to trim both dry and wet hair.

A perfect 3-day beard is still the dream of many men. Who relies on coolness, but the daily trimming the beard should not forget to make it look always tidy. All in all, the presented brown beard and hair trimmer can be considered very powerful, because not for nothing that it reached the excellent results.
Be emphasized in this context its especially long battery life. It amounts to up to 40 minutes, and let’s be honest, who needs to style a perfect beard longer working hours? It becomes critical only if the new haircut again not want to succeed …
Even the champion so has its weaknesses

But even with the test winner, the Philips beard trimmer 9290/32, it would not go away without any critical questions. With this device, the first precision Bart Tyler with integrated laser technology, which caused a sensation around the world, there were some interesting questions concerning longevity. But here could be given the all-clear, Philips is known to produce extremely durable toiletries.
The question: Is the laser safe for my eyes? was provided by the beard trimmer test. Again all clear was given again. The laser technology has undergone a thorough examination, so that its use has been considered safe. The included precision comb was to be positive, since it makes for great accuracy when trimming.

He is predestined to work hard to reach areas by the beard trimming or rounding possibly resulting edges of the beard. It was also again pointed particularly to the high quality and the easy handling of this model.

So if the symmetry loves and has a penchant for eccentric pattern in the head hair should opt for this quality model. Even the shiny chrome-colored and black stylish design found positive mention.
Unfortunately, the material used is a little unsightly scratches for vulnerable, a small minus point on the previously clean slate, but as I said, where a lot of light, there is little shade. Super quiet, super precise – a flawless product, could not be better.
That was it!
That it was, the latest review of best beard trimmers. Again in this review we only took best devices which were all awarded the highest marks. Whether the purchase decision now falls in favor of the high-tech product with the laser technology or whether another, very high-quality device gets the coveted award, is for the personal tastes and individual preferences.

All tested here devices have reached peak values and are very useful as a daily companion in trimming and hair cutting.
It would be advantageous if the assessments they could find their way into any purchasing decision, because such a beard trimmer is a durable product, which should be selected with care. The beard trimmer test was as always a great success, and judges as customers responded from a truthful and honest judgment.
Next year there will again be a test beard trimmer where it comes again to elect the best. Let’s look forward now to the next test phase with the exciting results.

FAQ Beard Trimmer – What is a Beard Trimmer

Who has no desire as a man to imitate Methuselah, comes sooner or later, not past a beard trimmer. The long beard, a visible sign of an old, wise man is not popular in the generation Today. And, here it comes into play, the good old beard trimmer.
But wait, who said something from the good old beard trimmer? Well, he is, with all due respect, but also old? The latest generation of beard trimmers is neither old nor dusty and even helps the Sexiest Man Alive to the well-deserved?!? Throne. So what is there to report on the latest beard trimmer, melt away the hearts of women? Because it has been proven as a percentage, that just the 3-day beard is a hallmark of the Womanizer. But Womanizer back and forth, the beard trimmer is our focus, and thus everything you would need to know about him so much.

Where can you buy beard trimmer?

For every day a successful fight against the stubble can be performed, the ultimate beard trimmer is needed. And he not only has to unite against the stubble, no, he has to be on the cutting edge. We have “asked around” us, and we have heard that online today anything goes.
So Choosing, clicking and down the imaginary basket. If you are uncertain about your styling claims aware, it can go to the dealer. However, the comparison is called for before buying. Parameters such as ergonomics, workmanship, power and extra features should already find compliance. And last but not least, it is the price on the Internet, which makes you a satisfied customer.

Which beard trimmer use hairdressers?

Wearing Man (n) with the idea to buy a new beard trimmer, it is useful to look again at the professionals in the sector. Which beard trimmer hairdressers make their customers happy? What has the beard trimmer have today, so that it can be made under the watchful eye of the experts?
Senior beard trimmer bring the perfect result. Today there are special razors like the beard trimmer, who take care of the problem areas and can become optical highlights the 3-day or full beards of the nation. The hairdressers, it is important to work with beard trimmers that have a range of individual tuning lengths.
The greatest accuracy is lengths that are less than one millimeter. Senior beard trimmer to make it possible that can be the lengths of 0.2 millimeters adjust, because every three-day beard wants to be individual and unique. With this high precision accuracy can be realized each individual customer.

The range of one to ten millimeters every wish and even in the range between one and five, it is, thanks to a small wheel, still possible to change the length in 0.5 mm intervals. A lot of emphasis put the pros on a good operation and a soft handling. Everything has to be comfortable and easy, thus longer shaves not pull the forearm muscles affected.
Be advantageous also a rubber surface has been found on the back of a beard trimmer. The skid resistance of the surface is adjacent to the grooved surface of the controller is a big plus. Hairdressers are before buying a beard trimmer always study the relevant test results in order to be immune to a bad buy.
This procedure should make support of a 3-day beard own, because too many manufacturers cavort with their innovative products on the market. A purchase without the supporting effect of the latest test reports designed otherwise as a handle in the big piñata.

Which beard trimmer cuts the shortest?

Again as a matter of conscience, but also a result had the latest test promptly in terms beard trimmer ready. The current beard trimmer test showed that the shortest distance is 0.4 mm, which can be realized by means of a trimmer-attachment. But such sweeping nevertheless can not answer this question because different preferences restrict the choice.
If man is preferable to wear a very short beard, so the buying decision should be in favor of a model which has a very low minimum distance. The test winner the red hot current beard trimmer test could come up with the grandiose result of 0.4 mm.
The next three runners-scored with 0.5 mm also a result which guarantees a perfect short beard trimming. A positive buying decision but is always based on the individual needs. If the perfect 3-day beard be the object of desire, a 0.5 mm spacing is secondary.
Here scores a setting that is both flexible and longer. Here it is again the latest test results in terms of beard trimmer, which refer for example to devices whose repertoire is 30 different shades and thus all possible demands.

How does a beard trimmer work?

So how does actually as a beard trimmer work ? Much has been written about him and his merits, but how it looks with its functionality. It has long since spread that well-groomed men more out of life. The time of Bart muffle should be over, because today it is more than easy, therefore, come with a popular Bart form.
And here is the beard trimmer on the course in which it is advantageous if it is possible to adjust flexibly. If Man (n) loves his beard, he resorts to a model that facilitates styling enormous. Starts man his beard trimmer, then either the blades quickly moved up and down or placed in a spinning process.

Fear of a freestanding blade is here inappropriate, since this is not free from the unit, but is usually surrounded by a protective mechanism. In this way, the skin is optimally protected and can not be violated when stub. A single push of a button with the thumb is enough to set the mechanism of a beard trimmer in transition.
Now there are electric beard trimmer, which are operated by cable. Major drawback here is the spatial constraint, always has an outlet in the immediate reach his. Unlike in the models, which also have a battery. Here it is the power of the Li-ion or Ni-MH batteries to prevent the memory effect and guarantee a long life.
A little tip on the edge, even a glance at the operating time pays off, because not all models are equipped with a powerful battery. The old saying “He who buys cheap, buys twice” holds true here, where quality is rampant.

How to use a beard trimmer?

If one (s) so far had hoped a beard brings a morning time savings, it must unfortunately be disappointed. Perfect beard trimming is comparable to the cost of daily shaving. The beard trimmer should take seriously the task of trimming every third day, because here does care to bring a clever beard in the form.
Furthermore, the whiskers should be trimmed when dry because wet hair is a little longer and a wrong trim earnings would result. The cap of the trimmer is thus removed, and away you go: It is advantageous to shave from the ear down in long, straight paths. It is also important to always keep the beard trimmer at a constant angle to the skin.
Here begins one (n) always just below the ear, and then works all over the face on. Some beard trimmer is equipped with a Teflon blade, another with a blade made of metal. Now there are close to cutting a screw or spacer attachments in sizes from 0.5 to 2.0 cm, with which the beard length is adjustable in several stages and so the requested Bart becomes reality.

Which is the best beard trimmer?

Go Man (n) on the assumption that it is the task of the beard trimmer to trim his beard in one and the same length, have to work with absolute precision here. But even here separates the wheat from the chaff, because a good beard trimmer is characterized by the fact that he realized shortest-sections of up to 1 mm clean.
The current test brought information about who may be called the best beard trimmer, and it is worthwhile to take a look at the current beard trimmer test 2015 where the who’s who of various manufacturers are a rendezvous. Because, no matter whether with or without vacuum system, winning all of them were.